Hyper Island


My submission for 2013 Hyper Island Interactive Art Direction program. I was selected and attended to a year program in Stockholm, Sweden.

Scope: personal project / design / interactive

Hyper Island - Creative Task by Rodrigo Fortes


Fear represents so much more than just fear. It can take us further than we thought we would ever go. Fear can push us to make big changes in our lives. And it can open doors we never knew existed and lead us to discover new things, people, places, ourselves, tools, and ideas. Now we want to know how you perceive fear.
In what way would you uncover fear and tell the story in order to help yourself or someone else to overcome and challenge an existing fear?
My solution could be either written and/or visualized as multimedia but should be driven by digital technology, data and have a marketing/business focus.


Urban violence is one of the most serious social problems in Brazil. The numbers are impressive. Over the past 15 years, more than 800 000 people died of urban violence. In 2011, there were more than 1 million robberies, according to the official data. Only in Sao Paulo city, there are approximately 800 assaults per day.

And with all these absurd numbers, it could not be different: fear is very present in people’s lives. Citizens are more and more afraid to walk along the streets, go to restaurants, or even ride the car with open windows. The fear comes not only from their own experiences but from the large volume of news published in newspapers and television channels.

Hyper Island - Creative Task by Rodrigo Fortes

According to a survey taken by IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research), 60% of the brazillian population is “very afraid” of being robbed, murdered and have their residence broken into. It is a very high rate!

Hyper Island - Creative Task by Rodrigo Fortes


To help combat crime and consequently reduce people’s fear, AGORA comes with a proposal for collaborative mapping of crimes that happen in cities. If someone has stolen the vehicle in a specific location, He can add the crime to the AGORA system, from a mobile device or a computer. It is possible to set the problems which occurred by adding a point to the map according to the color. The cities will have their own crime maps, created by the citizens. Besides Brazilian tourists in the country also benefit from the product, they may seek the safest places to stay, visit, etc...

AGORA, The term derives from the word “Agoraphobia”, which basically is afraid to go outside. In Portuguese, “AGORA” also means “now”, which reflects the idea of ​​a system snapshot, where people can add crime moments after they happened and also search at any time the rate of violence in places you will be visiting.

Hyper Island - Creative Task by Rodrigo Fortes
Hyper Island - Creative Task by Rodrigo Fortes

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