From time to time I make one of my illustrations available as wallpaper, I made them available in three formats: mobile, tablet and desktop. I hope you enjoy!


A wallpaper to celebrate Halloween, inspired by a super funny scene from The Office, which Dwight had a pumpkin on his head. Feel free to choose one of the downloading options

Black Leopard

The wallpaper is inspired by this amazing story of @willbl rare photo of the legendary black leopard in Kenya. It was the first picture of a black leopard since 1909. Amazing!

Onça - Amazon on fire

In early August, local farmers called for the "Day of Fire" on August 10, 2019, they organized a large scale slash-and-burn operations knowing that there was little chance of interference from the government. When the day came, the number of fires tripled from the prior 24 hours. This wallpaper is a reminder of what happened and that the animals are also suffering from this.