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I’m Rodrigo Fortes. Born in a small town in Brazil. Lived in São Paulo for almost 10 years, where I graduated in Graphic Design in 2008. In 2013, I decided to move to the cold Stockholm, Sweden. I attended the Hyper Island Interactive Art Director program that ended in June 2014.
I have more then 7 years of experience as a Graphic Designer.

I’m always trying to push myself to do new projects and develop a wider range of capabilities. I got pushed into the world of freelance because I like the freedom of touching different areas of design. And it’s helped me develop and grow as a designer. It has given me the opportunity to constantly work with new people as well as new kinds of projects.
I’m passionate about learning new things, to learn by doing, and step outside my comfort zone.

I’ have been working as a Freelance Graphic Designer with clientes from all over the globe. Such as US, Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Singapore and others. Engaged in different projects, such as illustrations, infographics, identity, web design, ui/ux, video mapping and more.

I’m now spending more time exploring the links between design, art and technology. Developing personal projects, and think of new projects to be involved.
I am co-founder of studio Muuus, which is still in its early development stages.

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/ what i do

As a freelance graphic designer, I can develop a wider range of capabilities.
Challenging myself to explore different areas of design.

  • graphic design

    Art Direction, Identity design, Brand Style Creation/Guides, Logo design, Print design, Brochures, Catalog/Magazines/Newsletters, Posters/Banners/Signs

  • illustration

    Custom illustrations for music albums, books, games, magazine articles, websites and other media. I am available for commissioned art and freelance work.

  • infographics

    Design infographics ensuring a great mix of graphics and information, considering the importance of data and information for the infographic to be cohesive, without being boring

  • motion design

    Motion graphics in 2D animation, videos to explain awesome ideas and animated infographics.

  • interactive

    Craft visual design for web, apps and exhibitions. I attended the Interactive Art Director's program at Hyper Island (Stockholm, Sweden). It is a relatively new area for me, but I want to go further and explore even more.

  • code

    Craft a beautiful, highly functional and responsive website that helps you convert every visit into a potential client. Using new technologies such as SASS, Foundation5, Jekyll, Bourbon, Grunt. On a personal level, I like to explore the links between design, art and code.

I’m currently available for freelance and commissioned work.
Please, contact me if you are interested.